We are one of the best international Placement agencies and that comes from our passion and dedication to helping employers and job seekers alike in finding their perfect candidate or career. We have experience staffing international jobs in global countries

Placement Services

functions with only one goal: to deliver specific services based on the client’s needs. We focus on your goals and objectives, and we mold our services around them for the effective results for you.

Our steps towards global placement services to grown-up rapidly, we dedicated to providing manpower to international markets with a cope of building strong relationships with our clients as trusted partners. We have a good relationship with international clients, people.


At the same time, we would also assist you with customized services anywhere in the world.

Our innovation, technical excellence & reliability of delivery on time reflect the first-class recruitment services in the name of TechnoDeed. On the other hand we ready to provide comprehensive information to applicants about the country/company if they are moving to.

Applicants and their families are counseled about the uniqueness of every nation all about cultural practices, lifestyle, education factors and do’s and don’ts, etc. the information and orientation we provide a measure of comfort to the applicant about their ability to stay and perform in the company & country of their freedom of choice.

With local talent as great demand across the world, we have supported the companies In other countries to hire super-local talent across all levels, functions wise & geographies wise, we do also built expertise in helping companies to hire local talent of their nationality.


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