TechnoDeed in the domain of counseling focuses on supporting individuals to choose the right and relevant career pathway. Our career counseling allows candidates receive guidance from professional counselors, which helps them gain more potential through expert advice.

Our approach also includes aptitude, motivation, required skills, and shortcomings, using carefully designed assessment tools. After a thorough study of the individual’s interests and talent, our career experts guide candidates to set their career goals.

Career Guidance Services

TechnoDeed’s work approach is completely organized with the clients to ensure success in every step. Our domain experts determine the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, learning patterns, and other interests. We help you learn tools such as testing, aptitude test, or any interest tests to understand the individual.

According to the reports, the counselor then works with the individual to identify the potential career choice. From helping choose the right technology to pick the right job opportunity, our counselors will guide the individual in reaching the complete pathway to the desired goal.

Careers Advice Service 

Our Career Advice Service helps youngsters to choose and establish their careers. TechnoDeed provides exceptional career guidance to students and job seekers seeking career change, job-hunting advice, or mentors. We can make your search a bit easier. TechnoDeed has been a professional career services provider with success over five years of experience in the field.

We enable comprehensive career guidance and placement services for graduates looking for jobs. Students are allowed to select the preferred stream of study/course/technology according to their choice and aptitude. We deploy professional trainers in career counseling services that will help them understand and make the right decision. This initiative makes them start from the right window and makes it easy to attain success.

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